Solis Watch Face for Wear OS

A celestial masterpiece for your Wear OS device. Watch time and space harmonize in one stunning display.

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Cosmic Features.

Solis Watch Face for Wear OS – a must-have for any space enthusiast or science buff. This beautifully designed watch face brings the wonders of the solar system to your Wear OS device, showing the current time and the positions of the planets. It’s a fun and educational way to keep track of time and explore the cosmos.

Minimalist beauty,
your way.

As you gaze at the stars above, let your Solis watch face be a reflection of your unique space-inspired style through its versatile customization features.

Much like the ever-expanding universe, Solis watch face allows you to expand your creativity and personalize your timepiece.

Efficient, Eco-Friendly, and Ready to Explore! 🚀

Our app’s native code is finely tuned for minimal energy consumption.

And to keep you exploring the cosmos longer, we’ve integrated Wear OS battery optimizations, including ambient, low-bit ambient, and mute mode rendering.

Your Privacy,
Your Rules.

We’ve got your back! Solis watch face gives you the power of choice when it comes to privacy.

It’ll send diagnostic data to our services or third parties only if you choose to enable it in the settings of the watch face.

Meet the Solis companion app for Android.

With the Solis Wear OS Companion App for Android, you have one mission: to bring the mesmerizing Solis watch face to life on your Wear OS devices.

This watch face embodies the essence of the cosmos, offering a window to the stars that’s as unique as the universe itself.

Stellar reviews

Words from our Cosmic Adventurers.

Stuck in a cosmic conundrum?

Got questions? We've Got You Covered!

Can’t spot your answer in the cosmic nebula? Drop us a line, and we’ll navigate the galaxy of answers together!

How can I customize Solis to match my cosmic vision?

Right now, the cosmic fun of customizing Solis is reserved for your Wear OS device, not the Android companion app. Just don your detective hat, set the watch face, and give it a long press until you uncover a mystical settings icon. One tap on that icon, and you’ll be whisked away to Solis’ secret chamber of customizations – where the cosmic magic happens!

I can't see any movement of the planets.

The movement of planets in our solar system is very slow when observed in real-time. It takes a significant amount of time for the planets to complete their orbits around the Sun. Therefore, the movement you see on the watch face may not be very noticeable within short periods.

The watch face accurately reflects the gradual and natural motion of the planets in our solar system, which can span days or even weeks for noticeable changes in their positions.

Why are some planets missing?

Solis currently features the inner planets of our solar system, including the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, and Mars. This selection is due to the limitations of the watch screen, considering the complex orbits and varying sizes of all the planets.

However, rest assured that we’re actively working on a solution to bring you all the planets in the solar system. Please keep in mind that while this enhancement will offer a more comprehensive view, it may not maintain a precise scale due to the screen size. We’re committed to delivering an engaging and informative experience as we continue to expand Solis’ celestial offerings.

Solis Roadmap: What's on the Horizon?

Solis is your cosmic companion, and we’re about to introduce customization options that will ignite your imagination.

Learn more about what’s on the cosmic horizon on our Roadmap page. Your journey through the stars is about to get even more exciting!

Into the Void: Solis Newsletter.

Get ready to blast off into another edition of Into the Void, where we explore the outer reaches of the Solis universe. Our team has been tirelessly exploring new ways to enhance your cosmic experience, and we can’t wait to share the latest updates with you.
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